you know you've said it before. stuff that i'm sure i've actually said are in bold my favorite tina lines:

"The world went to hell when i turned twelve."

"I've had enough of everything except mascara."

"Why do people like Sienfeld? Why?"

"My hair is disgusting."

"Well, that was a lame year."

"I'm going to change my name to 'Regret.'"

"I'm upset. I'm not sure why."

"It sucks to be me."

"I need more tragic memories."

"I secretly hate all my friends."

"I wish I were dead or asleep."

"I miss all the people I told to go away."

"I hate the weather. Whatever it is."

"Temporary tattoos are deeply pathetic."

"I'm not TRYING to be like this."

"Aknh or crucifix? I can never decide."

"I try to hate less sometimes. Doesn't work."

"Wet 'n' Wild liner #666 rocks me."

"Oh God. Another field trip."

"I'm going to change my name to 'Alchemy.'"

I want to turn everything off and go back to sleep."

"My favorite Tarot card is 'The Hanged Man.'"

"I have a pet rat named 'Eldritch.'"
actually his name is jimmy and he smells...

"You should be more sympathetic to my lack of empathy."

"Chaos for breakfast, anarchy for lunch."

"I wrote a poem. Then I lit it on fire."

"I hate me. But less than I hate you."

"I'd kill myself, but it's more fun to threaten."

"The assholes have taken over the proctology clinic."

"What makes one a 'homegirl'?"